The collections presented at Sol & Style

The company Sol & Style offers clients a comprehensive range of parquet flooring in all styles, guaranteed to blend in with all kinds of homes and buildings. This selection from experienced suppliers includes parquet flooring for all of your rooms.

All the warmth of real wood and the benefits of laminate flooring

As imitation parquet flooring, laminate flooring is fitted free-floating. This is an economical alternative offering a sturdy, easy to maintain floor. Please visit our showroom to discover our range.

Real wood veneer

We deal with the Par-ky brand, which is a wood veneer floor with a thin upper layer of wood. It is this upper layer of genuine wood which makes it so different to a laminate floor. A laminate floor uses a wood imitation photo. With this floor you can feel and see real wood under your feet. It makes all the difference in your home, office or shop. Just like a fingerprint, you’ll never find two identical trees which is why each plank is unique… just like you.


Multilayer parquet

Multilayer parquet is a parquet floor comprised of an upper layer of high quality solid wood ranging from 2.56 mm thick also known as a wear layer and a base made from softwood, plywood or HDF. This parquet flooring offers a high degree of stability making it possible to lay very long and very wide blocks. Available in a multitude of sizes, colours and wood varieties, this flooring is perfectly adapted to all rooms in your home to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Produced from oak or exotic wood varieties, these are warm and hard wearing floors.

There’s something for every taste: solid wood parquet flooring is not limited to traditional wood types and is available in a wealth of varieties to suit everyone’s tastes. These can be provided with multiple shades and treatments. If price is not a priority, solid wood parquet flooring produced from exotic wood varieties offer warm, deep and original shades. However, it is not suitable for underfloor heating.

Vinyl blocks

The secret of vinyl lies in the technical details. Its surface is comprised of an outer layer of polyurethane, an extremely tough PVC film which gives all the appearance of an individual structured surface, a solid PVC sub-layer, a clippable base structure and a hard wearing lower PVC layer with sound attenuation properties. The huge variety of designs and colours available will enable you to find the floor covering of your dreams.

Benefits:- A very quiet floor – Suitable for underfloor heating – Water resistant – Easy to clean – Ecological and 100% recyclable – Hygienic – Excellent value for money


Cork parquet flooring

A cork parquet floor is just as hard wearing as most other parquet varieties. What’s more, this is an environmentally friendly, natural product from a renewable source (harvesting cork bark does not damage the tree). Cork floors are also antistatic, insulating, sound attenuating and cause no allergies. No other floor covering material offers all these benefits. A cork parquet floor can last several generations if properly maintained. This parquet flooring is available in a huge range of textures and colours. Cork parquet floors offer a fascinating interior decorative scheme, a source of heat, a haven of peace and a long-lasting beauty which will delight you for years to come.

Perfection and harmony are only to be found in nature. Thanks to its captivating and precise shapes, cork provides a special unique touch to your interior wall decoration creating unique rooms bursting with style and charm.


The unique heat insulation characteristics of cork provide an optimal floor temperature all year round, making for a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere while at the same time helping you to achieve energy savings.


Cork’s natural qualities make it an excellent sound absorber. It reduces the transmission of noise between rooms and bedrooms, making your home a quiet and peaceful place.

Bamboo: a high-quality, environmentally friendly choice!

Bamboo is an excellent material to decorate your interior.

As well as being extremely attractive, Bamboo is above all an environmentally friendly variety and one of the strongest available. It is perfectly suited to all rooms in the home.

When you choose bamboo you’re helping to protect the environment as it combats deforestation which threatens our planet. Bamboo grows back very quickly.

Available in a wide range of shades and finishes, it is easy to maintain.

This is the hardest and densest parquet flooring currently available in the market.

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