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Carpet squares

Modular carpet squares are ideal for all areas (whether private or professional) subject to heavy traffic. These textile squares offer simple fitting thanks to their size, easy maintenance and a good return on investment by reducing the number of falls. They also make it possible to structure and organise an area thanks to combinations of colours, dots and stripes. They contribute to the HEQ (High Environmental Quality) approach and provide operational solutions to the need to include sustainable development criteria in the construction sector.

Sol & Style
also proposes a complete collection of ecologically-designed squares manufactured 100% from recycled fibre.


Healthy! Carpets possess specific characteristics due to their textile structure. They trap dust, reducing the quantity of dust suspended in the air by up to 50%, thereby limiting the risks of breathing it in!

Comfortable! When it comes to comfort, the Balsan carpet is the most comfortable floor covering to walk on!

Quiet! This is the most effective floor covering when it comes to attenuating impacts and noises which carry, thereby avoiding the stress caused by a creaking floorboard or the sound of high heels on tiles!

Decorative! Carpets offer a huge choice of textures, colours and designs to produce a highly original decorative scheme.

Safe! Choosing a carpet also guarantees a certain degree of safety. Statistics show that there are fewer falls on a carpet than on a solid floor and that these are less serious, particularly for children and elderly people.

Warm! The carpet traps 10 to 12% of the heat which would be lost with a solid floor! An excellent heat insulator, carpets maintain a gentle uniform heat in all rooms, helping you to achieve energy savings.

Bright! Colour creates a happy atmosphere and brightens up not only your home but your mood (a phenomenon better known as chromotherapy). When you add colour to your floor you’re also contributing to your own inner harmony and well-being.

Easy to fit! As one of the easiest to fit floor coverings, the carpet is fast to lay whatever the floor type. However, it’s always best to seek advice from a professional.

Easy to maintain! You won’t need a floor cloth, a bucket or a broom! Simple vacuuming is all it takes to keep a carpet in perfect condition (at least once a week). To keep your carpet in tiptop condition, in-depth cleaning from time to time using dry powders is recommended.